Who Am I?

My name is Kevin Neville and I'm a graphic designer
Graphic design and music are my two passions and I love taking an idea from an initial brief and working to help that idea evolve into a clear creative solution that delivers results.
I have earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Greenwich (London) where I studied graphic and digital design.
I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. I didn't have much of an idea what I wanted to do with my life until 2013 when I went and worked on renovating a friends property, I came back and went to college and earned my national diploma for Interactive media I then proceeded directly to university.
I approach every design job with professionalism and enthusiasm, my main aim is to satisfy the needs of the client.
Through the skills I have learnt, I'm continually trying to learn more so I can keep doing what I enjoy doing (and since I'm dyslexic I continue to try and learn more). I'm aware many people (designers, creatives) like to use certain computers to achieve their targets, however although I personally prefer working on Apple Mac's, I can also use Microsoft PC's. I tend to like windows computers because I can disassemble and reassemble the entire thing to make upgrades as they become available, as the amount of design programs that need to be used for certain designs is constantly growing. 
My current goals are to try to learn coding for web design which is one thing that was lacking during my six years of education, I would like to relocate to the United States (which would require a company getting work authorisation and sponsoring me) or Canada, however my ultimate goal is to be the best designer that I can be.
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